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Mission of Advising

Advisors are academic mentors who assist students with ongoing development of academic plans, building on their interests, abilities, and goals, and focusing on depth and breadth.

Advisors should:

  • help you frame questions, find the answers, and solve unscripted problems
  • get to know you and pay attention to your academic progress
  • help you identify and pursue your deepest interests (depth) and encourage you to explore a variety of courses (breadth)
  • ask you to use K-Plan Commonplace, especially responding to reflection prompts, to help you address the previous three points and to help you make connections between the various parts of your K education
  • let you know when, where, and how to reach them, be available for periodic appointments, and give you explicit instructions on how to prepare
  • encourage you to plan ahead so that you can get the support you need
  • return e-mail messages and phone calls within a reasonable period of time
  • refer you to campus resources as needed

About Academic Advising