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Kalamazoo College

Class Deans

The Class Deans serve as a "go to" person for students with a problem or a concern. Class Deans help students navigate the critical issues and events of a particular year and increase the sense of community within and between each class.

Role of the Class Deans

Who are the Class Deans?

Jennifer Einspahr
First-Year Class Dean
Associate Professor of Political Science
Office: Olds/Upton 305A
Phone: 337-7059

Chuck Stull
Sophomore Class Dean

Senior Instructor of Economics
Office: Dewing 306C
Phone: 337-7023

Ed Menta
Junior Class Dean
Professor of Theatre Arts
Office: Fine Arts 74B
Phone: 337-7126

Autumn Hostetter
Senior Class Dean
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office: Olds-Upton 403H
Phone: 337-7109