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Tendai Mudyiwa

Computer Science

Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe
Majors: Computer Science, Math
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip
Best Adjective to Describe You: Easygoing

In 10 words or less, why should a student want to be involved in this department?
Let’s be honest, writing code is pretty awesome!!!

What initially drew you to this department?  What keeps you coming back?
Didn’t do any programming prior to college and computer science gave me an opportunity to learn how to build software, be creative and constantly be challenged. The field is rapidly advancing and there are always new developments that keep pushing the limits of human creativity.

What’s your biggest piece of advice to first years and sophomores in this department?
Professors, TAs and other computer science majors are great resources not only for your courses but also for career guidance. Never think twice about reaching out.

How does your department connect to your other interests and activities?
I’m passionate about politics, finance, music and a lot of other things. Computer science has applications in all those fields and I’m always fascinated by what it has allowed people to achieve.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned at K?
Always make an effort to meet new people. It will definitely help you learn more about others as well as yourself.

What has been your favorite class at K?  Why?
Differential Equations with Dr. Barth. I love computer science and math. This class allowed me to do both.

What is your SIP?
It’s an experiential SIP using my internship as a software developer on Wall Street to look at the development of enterprise applications that support the banking industry.

What are your career aspirations/next steps after K?
After K, I plan on becoming a Software Engineer or Product Manager at a technology firm.

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