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Kalamazoo College

Jasmine Khin

Critical Theory

Mandalay, Myanmar
Philosophy and English
Critical Theory
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Salted caramel/Rum and raisin
Best Adjective to Describe You:

In 15 words or less, why should a student want to be involved in this department?
If you are drawn to theories and want to peel back the veneer of normality in societies.

What initially drew you to this department?  What keeps you coming back?
I was looking for more philosophy related classes to take in my first year. I decided this is where I would thrive the most as a philosophy student because of the nature of issues that I care about.

What’s your biggest piece of advice to first years and sophomores in this department?
Don’t be put off by the amount or intensity of reading materials in the classes you want to take. Take classes that seem hard or challenging to you. That’s where I find I learn the most.

How does your department connect to your other interests and activities?
It makes me a more thoughtful person which bleeds into the more practical social justice work I do with the Arcus Center.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned at K?
Be directed at your own success and not others’.

What has been your favorite class at K?
Contemporary political theory and Post-colonial literatures.

What are your career aspirations/next steps after K?
At least for a year, I want to do some service oriented work back in my country and travel. Then I am heading to graduate school for further studies in philosophy.

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