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Kenneth Weiss

Jewish Studies
West Bloomfield, MI
Jewish Studies
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
French Vanilla
Best Adjective to Describe You:

In 10 words or less, why should a student want to be involved in this department?
Offers historical background and perspectives of the issues facing the Jewish people.

What initially drew you to this department?  What keeps you coming back?
I was drawn to learn more about the history of the Jewish people in a purely secular sense. Dr. Jeffrey Haus does an excellent job lecturing specific topics in an impartial manner.

What’s your biggest piece of advice to first years and sophomores in this department?
First, although many of the classes in this department are taught by a few teachers, they are all incredibly different. I recommend taking as many as you can. Additionally, I believe it is very worthwhile to take Hebrew.

How does your department connect to your other interests and activities?
I grew up in Metro Detroit which has a very large Jewish community. Additionally, I went to the Frankel Jewish Academy which teaches a dual curriculum including both General Studies and Jewish Studies courses. The Jewish Studies department at K allows me to continue my Jewish education.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned at K?
The most valuable thing I have learned at K is the importance of networking. Specifically, as K is a small school, it is beneficial to get to know your professors.

What has been your favorite class at K?  Why?
My favorite class at K was Managerial Accounting with Dr. Timothy Moffit. This class was incredibly interesting because it was comprised entirely of realistic case studies. Throughout the class, I learned how to think outside the box in order to solve the problems presented in these cases. Furthermore, in order to get my point across, I learned to write my solutions concisely in memorandum format. I believe these skills will be important for my future career endeavors.

What is your SIP?
I am writing a SIP in the Economics department. I am looking at how technology has impacted the way people view money throughout history. Specifically, learning if the technology behind cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, will reshape the monetary system in the United States.

What are your career aspirations/next steps after K?
After K, I am considering a career in either Financial Planning or Public Accounting. Once I make a decision, I will complete the necessary steps to become certified in either profession.

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