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Kalamazoo College

Elan Dantus


Hometown: Okemos, MI
Major: Music
Minor: Computer Science
Best Adjective to Describe You: Passionate

In 20 words or less, what is the best thing about being part of this department?
I love seeing the satisfaction of students after helping them achieve their goals.

What is your advice to first years and sophomores about getting connected to this department?
Do not be scared to contact us! We have all been in your shoes, and are here to help.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned at K?
The value of getting work done ahead of schedule. Time management is essential for succeeding at a school like K!

What has been your favorite class at K?  Why?
Music Theory III. Every student in that class was completely invested in learning music theory, as well as the professor was extremely invested in ensuring that we learn the material as best we can. It created one of the coolest learning atmospheres I've ever been a part of.

How have you taken advantage of the open curriculum or experienced breadth in your education?
I began my time at K not knowing what I wanted to study. For that reason, I took many courses in various fields such as psychology, physics, political science and so forth, until I found my passion in music and computer science.

What experiential education opportunities have you participated in?
I have completed two internships at two different recording studios these past two summers. Both have been instrumental in furthering my passion for music production.

What is your SIP?
I am completing a composition SIP. I am recording, mixing and mastering my own original album.

What are your career aspirations/next steps after K?
I would love to become an audio engineer and eventually open a recording studio. I may possibly decide to further my studies in music theory and pursue work in academia, as I love working with students.

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