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Who Takes Care of the Arboretum????

Student Trail Crew
In addition to the Faculty & Staff on the Lillian Anderson Arboretum Advisory Committee, there is a student trail crew who maintains the trails during Fall and Spring Terms as well as the summer. Trail crew primarily maintains invasive species control, trails, erosion control, and general clean up. For more information about the student trail crew, please email


Lillian Anderson Arboretum Advisory Committee

The Lillian Anderson Arboretum Advisory Committee meets regularly throughout the academic year and consists of the following Kalamazoo College faculty members and students:


E. Binney Girdler, Director

E. Binney Girdler 


Sara Stockwood, Assistant Director

Stockwood profile 


Ann Fraser



Charlene Boyer-Lewis

Boyer Lewis 


Jim Langeland

James Langeland


Paul Manstrom

Paul Manstrom


Brian Dietz

Brian Dietz


Michael McDonald

Michael McDonald




Ben Rivera ('18)

Ben Rivera