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Current Trail Conditions

11/29/17 - The water pump at the Batts Pavilion has been disabled for the winter months. It will be re-opened again in April! The toilet closes on December 15th and will also be re-opened in April.

9/14/17 - All trails are open! As leaves start to fall, be careful of hidden roots!

4/7/16 - Bernie's Landing is closed due to flooding. As soon as the water levels lower, and we're able to access the condition of the trail, it will be re-opened. The middle section of the Powerline trail (near intersection with Bobayundel) is flooded as well. 

10/25/16 - All trails are open! The parking lot is officially again. Thank you for your patience!! 

07/18/16 - Bobayundel  trail is currently closed due to storm damage.

11/16/15 - The parking lot is currently closed during construction of an educational pavilion and re-designed parking lot. Visitors are encouraged to park at the Oshtemo Township Park parking lot. 

11/10/15 - The boardwalk is slippery after a frost or when wet. Please be careful!

9/16/15 - Trails are a bit overgrown! With the start of a new term we are working to get everything trimmed again. Be aware - there's a large tree down on southern end of the Fern-Oak trail.

6/19/15 -Gathje Hill trail has been re-opened! Please use the new re-routed trail to allow the old trail to recover and grow.

6/15/15 - Warning! Poison Sumac along the boardwalk. We try to keep up with trimming it back, but if you are worried about reacting to the poison sumac oils, wash your skin/clothing as soon as you get home! 

3/20/15 - Trails are extremely muddy while the snow is melting. Please consider walking along the Kal-Haven trail until the Arboretum trails are dry. Thank you!

9/29/14 -  The intersection of Old Field and Wood Frog trail has been re-opened. The Gathje Hill trail will remain closed for the rest of the fall.

9/19/14 - Due to storm damage, Gathje Hill will be closed for the rest of the fall. Please do not enter, this is an unsafe zone. We will reassess in a few months and hope to reopen the trail in the spring.

9/15/14 - Due to storm damage, the intersection of Old Field and Wood Frog trail is temporarily closed. Please do not enter this area while we work to clear the trail.

8/28/14 - Next time you vist, check out the new wetland boardwalk that begins off of the Fern Oak trail and connects to the Powerline trail!