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Academic Resource Centers

What We Do

Successful Students Collaborate
The Academic Resource Centers (ARCs) are dedicated to the idea of students helping students to raise academic achievement. Students who study in pairs or small groups tend to learn more and perform better than students who study in isolation. The ARCs capitalize on the strength of peer collaboration by hiring students who have distinguished themselves in math, writing, science or library research to work with other students in these areas. Experienced students are an excellent resource. Because they remember what it was like to learn the material, they are adept at perceiving points of confusion and explaining difficult concepts. In addition, students who seek help from their peers tend to feel less intimidated about asking questions because of the inherent equality in the peer relationship.

The ARCs currently offer peer assistance in math, physics, writing, science and library research. Centers provide a quiet place to study as well as find help. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly These peer assistance services  are available to all students at no cost.

Come Prepared

Whether you're seeking help in writing, math, biology, chemistry or library research, your active participation is critical to the success of the session. Always spend time wrestling with the material on your own before seeking help. Be prepared to explain where specifically you're having trouble, and bring the assignment when appropriate. The peer consultants will not do the work for you; rather, they will guide you through the process of finding your own solutions.

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