Archives Mission

The permanent records of Kalamazoo College document its growth and development from its founding through the present day. They serve as an informational resource for administrative decision making and for other College operations and activities, as well as provide an educational resource for students and scholars. The mission of the Kalamazoo College Archives is to collect, preserve, organize, and make available these significant non-current records of historical and/or administrative value.

As a part of the Upjohn Library Commons, the Kalamazoo College Archives follows applicable library policies. Disaster procedures are outlined in Kalamazoo College Library Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Manual. Additionally, the Archives supports the Society of American Archivists' Guidelines for College and University Archives (1999) and Code of Ethics for Archivists (2005), and the American Library Association - Society of American Archivists joint statement on access, Guidelines for Access to Original Research Materials (1994).