Archives Record Groups

This is the Archives Main Record Group List, the way in which we have attempted to categorize most of the materials in the Archives collection. As the College is a "living entity" with staff, department and program changes happening frequently, it is difficult to keep such a list an accurate representation at all times. We also maintain a much more specific Detailed Record Group List in the Archives, which is added to and changed almost weekly. We often refer to the list items as "RG numbers." Please contact the Archives for the most current version of either list.

Main Record Group List as of February 23, 2009

RG No. Record Group Title
1 Board of Trustees
2 Baptist Collection
3 President
4 Provost
5 Dean of Admission (was Admissions Office until 1996; was also Dean of Enrollment)
6 Registrar/Records
7 Financial Aid
8 Human Resources (was Personnel until 5/1998)
9 Vice President for College Advancement (was VP for Planning and Development until 1997)
10 Campaign for Kalamazoo
11 Annual Fund
12 College Communications (was Public Relations until 1998)
13 Business and Finance
14 Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students (was Vice President of Experiential Education)
15 Guilds (a.k.a. Collaboratives or Communities of Practice)
16 Unassigned
17 Dean of First Year & Advising
18 Unassigned
19 Security Department
20 Alumni Relations
21 Commencement
22 Homecoming
23 Dean of the Chapel
24 The Bells (English Tower Bells)
25 Hellmuth Wolff Organ
26 Evergood Mural
27 Portraits of Presidents
28 Liberal Arts Colloquium (LAC)
29 Academic Departments
30 The Faculty
31 Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program
32 Lucasse Award
33 Information Services (was Computer Services (63) until 1997)
34 Innovative Colleges Conference (May 18-21, 1989)
35 Academic Programs
36 Kalamazoo Plan
37 Center for Career and Professional Development (was Center for Career Development  (CCD) until Feb. 2009; see also Guilds RG15)
38 Center for International Programs (was Foreign Study until 1994)
39 Senior Individualized Program (SIP)
40 Non-Traditional Student Program
41 Student Honors, Awards and Prizes
42 College Awards and Honorary Degrees
43 Scholarships and Fellowships
44 Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP)
45 Heyl Science Scholarship
46 Convocations
47 Organizations
48 Professorships
49 Student Activities
50 Athletics
51 National Junior and Boys’ Tennis Championships (USTA)
52 Publications
53 Groups and Consortia
54 Music Center
55 Bach Festival Society (Kalamazoo Bach Festival)
56 Contemporary Music Festival
57 Faculty Chamber Music Society
58 Festival of the Romantic Spirit
59 Festival Playhouse
60 Readers Theatre
61 President’s Fine Art Series
62 Lecture Series
63 Computer Services (became Information Services RG33 in 1997)
64 Library
65 Archives, College
66 A.M. Todd Rare Book Room
67 Fetzer Media Center
68 L. Lee Stryker Center (1978-)
69 Facilities Management (was Physical Plant 1972-1993)
70 Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service Learning
71 Buildings and Athletic Facilities
72 Bookstore
73 Food Service/Dining Service
74 Biographical Files
75 Institutional Research
76 Institutional Historical Development
77 Donated Collections
78 Audiovisual Materials
79 Memorabilia