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Biology and Chemistry Center for Academic Success

What is it?        Activities and resources to welcome students into the challenging disciplines of biology and/or chemistry.

Where is it?     The Learning Commons, on the first floor of the Upjohn Library Commons

Who is it ?        A Director, working with the Biology and Chemistry Faculty and Staff, and successful upper level students, reaching a hand to the newest chemists and biologists!


Want to get more out of Chem 110 and Chem 120? Your instructors will arrange with successful upper-level students to help with homework problems, facilitate discussions with peers, or offer extra problems to test your skill.  Days, times, and locations will be announced in class.

To make an appointment for additional help, email the Director (below).


Want to get more out of your first-year Biology course? Faculty-approved upper-level students deliver  SI sessions (see below) for students beginning the second week of the term. These meetings take place in Dow during evening hours.

Supplemental Instruction Program

The goal of the nationally acclaimed Supplemental Instruction Program (SI) is to help students perform better in difficult courses. Hundreds of colleges and universities around the country use the SI program. Data show that students who attended SI sessions regularly (one or more times a week) performed one-half to one full letter grade better than students who did not actively participate.

The SI leader's job is to guide you through the study of the course material. They have taken the course before, and have been recommended by faculty based on their strong academic performance and interpersonal skills. The SI leaders attend class, take notes, do the assigned reading, and conduct several study sessions per week.

The success of the SI session depends on the active participation of all the students who attend. Before coming to a session, read through your notes and go over any reading assignments. Be prepared to work through problems and respond to questions even when you don't know the answer. The SI leader will serve as a resource and guide, but you and the other students at the session are responsible for working through the material.

For more information, contact:
Hilary Wagner, Director of Biology and Chemistry Center for Academic Success