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Kalamazoo College

Brand Communication Team

The College has appointed a Brand Communication Team (BCT) to guide the implementation of the College’s integrated marketing plan.

The Brand Communication Team:

  • includes members from admission, alumni relations, communication, development, Web services, and athletics;
  • is responsible for managing the College’s brand;
  • sets branding identity policies;
  • regulates the communication efforts of individuals and organizations that convey Kalamazoo College’s message and identity;
  • develops and ensures compliance with the College’s branding standards;
  • provides brand training resources and guidance;
  • encourages the creation and publication of stories that support the brand statement and appear in various print and online media.

Listed below are the current team members.

  • Kim Aldrich, Director of Alumni Relations
  • David Anderson, Director of Admission
  • Lisa Darling, Director of Publications
  • Laura Furge, Associate Provost
  • Andy Miller, Executive Director of Development
  • Jim VanSweden, Director of College Communication
  • Steve Wideen, Sports Information Director
  • Kate Worster, Associate Vice President of Marketing Communication
  • Carolyn Zinn, Associate Director of Web Services

Contact the Brand Communication Team via e-mail at