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The College has contracted with AllClear ID for 4 years of identity protection services for individuals affected by the April 2016 data breach.  These services include:

Identity Repair – In the event you are notified that your identity has been fraudulently used, a dedicated investigator with AllClear ID will help recover any financial losses and restore your credit. No enrollment is required. If a problem arises, simply call 1.855.904.5756.

Monitoring Services and Other Services

The following services require enrollment with AllClear ID using the redemption code sent to affected individuals in May 2016.  If you have misplaced your letter, please contact Human Resources.

Credit Monitoring – AllClear ID monitors all three credit bureaus and notifies you when new credit lines, loans, or accounts are established.

Identity Theft Monitoring – AllClear ID works in partnership with the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA) to monitor compromised data and notifies you if your compromised data has been reported from law enforcement and other sources.

Lost Wallet Protection – AllClear ID investigators help cancel and replace lost or stolen debit and credit cards.

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance Coverage – Coverage provides reimbursement of certain fees, lost wages, and fraud losses related to identity recovery. More information on coverage can be found here.

ChildScan Monitoring –For enrolled individuals under age 18, AllClear ID monitors various databases for unauthorized use of a child’s Social Security number and notifies the parent or guardian.

How did the College select AllClear ID?

The College received three proposals from among the top service providers of data breach response services.  While many people are familiar with identity theft protection services aimed at consumers, such as Lifelock, the College's needs for this incident were much more complex.

Given the lead time necessary to roll out a large scale notification, we knew that it would be important to move as quickly as possible to select a comprehensive solution that met the diverse needs of all affected individuals - employees, students, international students, minors, and families of deceased employees.  The selection was based not only on the menu of services outlined in the proposals, but other deciding factors:

  • Ability to utilize a single vendor for notification, call center, and identity theft protection services
  • Assurances that there would be no 'upselling' of our employees
  • Automatic enrollment in identity theft repair services; there is no deadline for enrolling within the 4-year period.  The additional services provided, such as credit monitoring, identity theft monitoring, and identity theft insurance require enrollment to obtain information necessary to provide these services to affected individuals.