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Business Office Updates

2017 year end due dates

December 6, 2017 at 2:51 pm

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: All invoices and reimbursements that are due on or before 1.5.18 should be submitted to the Business Office by 12.18.17 so that they can be included in the last check run before the Campus closes for the Holiday break.

BIWEEKLY PAYROLL EMPLOYEES FOR PAY DATE 12.29.17:   For the biweekly pay period ending on 12.23.17, timesheets are due by 10 am Wednesday 12.20.17.   For the Biweekly Pay Date of 12.29.17, the Campus will be closed.  Employees that do not have direct deposit will have their checks mailed.

BIWEEKLY PAYROLL EMPLOYEE SUPERVISORS FOR PAY DATE 12.29.17: For the biweekly pay period that ends on 12.23.17, your approvals are due on Wednesday, 12.20.17 by 12 noon.

STUDENT WORKER SUPERVISORS: For the student pay period 12.18.17 to 12.31.17, your approvals are due on Tuesday, 1.2.18 at 12 noon.

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