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Credit Card Policies

Policy Statement
The College credit card program is intended to streamline and simplify purchasing and accounts payable functions. The College credit card is a tool that reduces transaction costs, facilitates timely acquisition of materials and supplies, automates data flow for accounting purposes and offers flexible controls to help ensure proper usage. The card may be used with any merchant who accepts Visa, either in-store, by phone, mail, fax or on-line, subject to the College's purchasing and travel policies.

Program Overview
The College credit card program is designed to complement existing purchasing processes including petty cash, check requests, and low dollar purchase orders. The College credit card program is not intended to avoid or bypass current payment procedures and purchasing policies. Proper documentation and record keeping is essential.


  • Cardholder - College employee whose name appears on the credit card and is accountable for all charges made and reporting and documentation associated with that card.
  • Department Liaison - Support staff that assists the Cardholder with the compilation and submission of credit card statements/expense reports
  • Cardholder Supervisor - The employee within each department who is responsible for reviewing the Cardholder's transactions and verifying that all charges associated with the credit card are supported by the appropriate documentation.

Credit Card: Obtaining a Credit Card

Only employees of the College are eligible to receive a College credit card.  Contractors, temporary employees, nor students are eligible to receive a College credit card, pursuant to the card agreement with PNC Bank.  Cardholders are responsible for the security of the card and all transactions made against the card.  Cardholders will be required to sign a Cardholder Agreement as part of the application for a credit card, which can be found on the Business Office website at

Process for Obtaining a Credit Card

  • College employee completes the application/agreement
  • Supervisor:
    • reviews the application/agreement
    • approves the application/agreement
    • assigns a Departmental Liaison, if applicable
    • forwards to the Business Office
  • The Business Office will request a credit card from PNC Bank
  • The Business Office contacts the employee when the card arrives to arrange training related to the use of the card

The College credit card will have no impact on the Cardholder’s personal credit.  Although the card lists an individual’s name, the card is actually a corporate charge card issued to the College.

  1. Vehicle Rental

    VISA provides insurance if car is rented using the Purchasing Card.  In the event of an accident with a rental vehicle contact VISA Enhancement Services @1-800-253-5664.


  2. Sales Tax

    Kalamazoo College is a tax-exempt institution and is not subject to State of Michigan sales tax.  Cardholders must remind all vendors of our tax-exempt status and make sure sales tax is not added to the invoice.  If needed, copies of the College’s tax exemption certificate may be obtained from the Business Office.  Any questions regarding sales tax should be directed to the Business office.

Not Reviewed