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Credit Card Policies

Policy Statement
The College credit card program is intended to streamline and simplify purchasing and accounts payable functions. The College credit card is a tool that reduces transaction costs, facilitates timely acquisition of materials and supplies, automates data flow for accounting purposes and offers flexible controls to help ensure proper usage. The card may be used with any merchant who accepts Visa, either in-store, by phone, mail, fax or on-line, subject to the College's purchasing and travel policies.

Program Overview
The College credit card program is designed to complement existing purchasing processes including petty cash, check requests, and low dollar purchase orders. The College credit card program is not intended to avoid or bypass current payment procedures and purchasing policies. Proper documentation and record keeping is essential.


  • Cardholder - College employee whose name appears on the credit card and is accountable for all charges made and reporting and documentation associated with that card.
  • Department Liaison - Support staff that assists the Cardholder with the compilation and submission of credit card statements/expense reports
  • Cardholder Supervisor - The employee within each department who is responsible for reviewing the Cardholder's transactions and verifying that all charges associated with the credit card are supported by the appropriate documentation.

Credit Card: Cardholder and Supervisor Responsibilities

Credit card purchases are governed by Kalamazoo College purchasing and other relevant policies.  It is the Cardholder’s responsibility to ensure that the card is used within the stated guidelines of the credit card policy as well as other Kalamazoo College policies relating to the expenditure of College funds. 


  • Understands that the College is liable to PNC for all charges made on the card.
  • Agrees to notify PNC immediately if the card is lost or stolen, and notify the Business Office at the first opportunity during normal business hours.
  • Understands that the Cardholder is the only person authorized to approve charges made against his/her card.
  • Agrees to use the College credit card for approved purchases only.
  • Agrees not to charge personal purchases.  The use of the card for personal purchases may be subject to disciplinary actions.  Any personal purchase must be repaid as soon as it’s identified.
  • Agrees to obtain receipts for all card purchases and maintain proper supporting documentation.  Every receipt requires documentation explaining how the expense relates to College business.
  • Agrees to return the card immediately upon request of the College or upon termination of employment (including retirement).
  • Agrees to notify the Business Office if the cardholder changes departments.
  • Understands the College will audit use of the card and take appropriate action on any discrepancies found, including reporting of discrepancies to the Supervisor or Vice President.
  • Agrees to follow the established procedures for the use of the College credit card, including timely submission of statements and receipts. While the administration of the card reporting may be delegated to a Department Liaison, the responsibility for compliance remains with the Cardholder.  This may include planning for absences and making oneself available to sign the statement.  Only the Cardholder may sign his/her own statement and may not delegate this responsibility.

Failure to follow these credit card policies may result in suspension or revocation of the use of the card, additional taxable income reported on Form W-2, and/or other disciplinary actions. 

Cardholder Supervisor

  • Reviews and signs statements of the Cardholder.  The Supervisor signature indicates that he/she has reviewed the statement for compliance with College policy and it’s correct, complete and that the expenditures are approved for the business purpose indicated.  If the Supervisor cannot determine the business purpose from the statement, the Supervisor should not sign the statement and should instead return the statement to the Cardholder for correction or additional documentation.

Business Office

  • Assists the cardholder with administrative tasks related to the card:
    • Reviews and verifies the vendor receipts to ensure that they match the transactions listed on the individual statement.
    • Verifies appropriate expense allocations so that each purchase transaction has the correct accounting information and a specific business purpose for each item.
  • Attempts to resolve any disputes with vendor and/or PNC not resolved by Cardholder.
  • Assists Cardholders with erroneous declines and emergency transactions after they have contacted PNC directly.
  • Downloads monthly credit card charges to Colleague.
  • Activate/Deactivates credit card.
  • Provides all credit card online program administrative maintenance.
  • Provides training to cardholders.
  • Audits credit card use and charges with regard to compliance with credit card and College policies.  Personal use of P-Cards will also be monitored.

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