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Procedures: Approving Invoices

In most instances, invoice(s) are sent directly to the Business Office.  An electronic copy of the invoice will be sent to you with the following message: 

The attached invoice requires approval for payment if the items have been received
in satisfactory condition.  If you are the authorized approver for the account(s) that this invoice is being charged to, please reply with your
approval and 13 digit account number(s).  If the invoice has PO number listed on it, then you do not have to give us the account number(s) again.
If you are NOT the authorized signer for the account(s) to be charged, please forward this invoice to the authorized signer and let them know if you have
received the items in satisfactory condition.  
FACULTY, please note that all expenditure over $250.00 charged to departmental budgets
must have approval of the Provost's Office.   Please route your invoice appropriately.
APPROVALS can be sent via e-mail as long as the invoice information remains in the
subject line.  In an effort to reduce resources (paper and staff time) the
Business office would appreciate receiving approvals electronically, but it is
not required.  

Should you receive a bill directly from the vendor, please sign and date the invoice indicating your approval for payment, put the full 13-digit account number to which the invoice is to be charged, and send it to the Business Office.  Please do not submit a check requisition with the invoice to request payment.  The Business Office must have an invoice in order to pay the vendor.  Packing slips and Quotes are not acceptable.

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