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Procedures: Receipts

The College appreciates and respects the personal integrity and discretion of each member of its faculty and staff and conducts expense account affairs accordingly. Internal Revenue Service regulations require that we have sufficient documentation to support College expenditures that include the College business purpose of the expenditure, the date, and the amount (except below). In order to best comply with IRS regulations, original receipts provide the best documentation. Employee supervisors may require more stringent documentation to support expenditures.

  • Food, Travel, or Entertainment:  The IRS requires the date, location, College business purpose, names of the participants, and the amount.
  • Airfare:  A receipt that shows the itinerary, the names of the passengers, and the amount paid for the ticket. 
  • Meals and Food:  A receipt that shows the location, date, and amount (use the Expense Reimbursement form, description section in IntelliLink for purchases made on a College credit cards, or the back of receipt for documentation of participants and business purpose).  We cannot accept food packaging.  For visits to the farmers market, generic receipts from vendors are acceptable (these can be ordered from Staples or contact the Business Office for a small supply).
  • Cab fare/taxi:  Receipts are required.  Please provide documentation of the date, location, and amount paid.

The College generally does not accept personal credit card statements in lieu of receipts.

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