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Procedures: Access to Department Reports/Budgets

Through Hornet Hive portal, authorized personnel may have access to WebAdvisor to view their department accounts.  Account information is updated daily.  Requests for access should be sent to  The request should include the account number and the name of the person to receive access (including the College network user ID is helpful).  Access will remain available until the Business Office is notified that access should be changed or restricted.

Helpful Hints:

  • You can copy your financial data from WebAdvisor and paste it into Excel.  This works best if you use Internet Explorer as your web browser. 
  • By holding down the control key and moving the scroll button on your mouse, you can change the size of your screen when viewing accounts.
  • Typically WebAdvisor only allows viewing of the current fiscal year.  If you want to save your historical information, please print or electronically save your account information for future reference. 
  • During July, August and September both the prior and current fiscal year will be open and available for viewing in WebAdvisor.  The previous fiscal year cannot be closed until the financial audit is complete and approved.
  • When two fiscal years are open, Restricted (fund 20, 21 and 23) and Agency (accounts that begin with 10-9-4XXXX) accounts in the current year will not show the opening balance correctly. 


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