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Procedures: Inter-Department Charges

The following is list of departments that send charges to the Business Office.  Please note how they are posted to your accounts and who to contact if you have questions.

Facilities Management  (description:  “FM-(description)” & "VH-(name of driver), posted monthly)

  • FM is for labor charges
  • VH is for vehicle charges
  • Questions:  Debra Doest or Marcie Weathers

Media Services (description:  “MS-(description)”, posted monthly)

  • Specialty graphics and printing from IS
  • Questions:  Don Mack

Creative Dining (description:  “CD-(description)”, posted weekly)

  • Catering and meal tickets
  • Questions: refer to the Sharepoint site to see supporting documentation for the charges

Mail & Copy Center (description: “MCC Postal Chrgs”, posted monthly)

  • Postage charges
  • Questions:  Kelly Kribs or Deb Stevens

Bookstore (description: “(month)-Copy&Bkstore Chrgs”, posted monthly)

  • Items purchased from the Bookstore, copies from the Mail & Copy Center
  • Questions:  Richard Amundson  or Debbie Thompson

Cell Phones (description: “CELLPH-(last name)”, posted monthly)

  • Cell phone service
  • Questions:  Louise Tennant-Filkins

Library Copies (description: “LC-(number of copies)”, posted monthly)

  • Photocopies made in Library
  • Questions:  Hillary Berry

Office Depot (description "Office Depot", posted monthly)

  • Office supplies order through the campus Office Depot account
  • Questions:  Richard Amundson  or Debbie Thompson

College Credit Cards (description “(first four letters of the cardholder’s last name – vendor name)”, posted monthly.  Visa charges are posted to the last day of the month, American Express charges are posted to the 27th of the month.)

  • Questions:  Heidi Ruiz

Amazon (description “Amzn-(invoice number)”, posted monthly

  • Amazon orders through the College account
  • Questions:  Heidi Ruiz

Petty Cash (description “PC-(description)”, posted weekly

  • Expenses reimbursed in the Business Office and paid in cash
  • Questions:  Jeff Moran or Terri Cox

Not Reviewed