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Purchasing Policies

To better serve the campus community, the College has established a series of cost saving policies and procedures for the most commonly purchased goods and services.  

The object of these policies is to:

  • Competitively bid more goods and services to achieve the best price and quality of service
  • To reduce the number of vendors used to purchase the same products
  • To reduce the number of check requisitions that are processed and the number of checks written
  • To reduce late fees, missed cash discounts, and sales tax payments
  • To increase the use of purchasing consortiums to take advantage of volume discounts
  • To establish clear guidelines and uniform purchasing practices throughout the campus community.

Please see the Procedures section on Requesting a Purchase Order

Purchasing: Air Travel

Travel Leaders is the preferred provider when making travel arrangements that require the assistance of a travel agent.

Travel Leaders
The Orchards Mall
1800 Pipestone Rd
Benton Harbor, MI  49022

(800) 633-6401
(269) 925-0777

Representative: Bev Gould, (269) 983-0450,

Set up the tentative booking:
Call 1-800-633-6401 to book a flight.  Campus visitors may phone Travel Leaders directly for their arrangements and provide the email address for the employee sponsoring the visit so that a copy of the itinerary may be provided for approval and processing. 

Request a Purchase Order (PO):

Once you have a tentative booking from Travel Leaders, please forward the booking e-mail to with the business purpose for travel and the account number to charge.  Please allow 1 business day for processing your request for a PO number.  Forward the PO number to Travel Leaders.  Travel Leaders will not actually book the flight until they have a P.O. number.


Paying the bill:
In addition to receiving the itinerary, you will receive a similar statement that will indicate "itinerary/receipt" in the upper right-hand corner.  Please write "ok to pay", sign, and submit the itinerary/receipt to the Business Office for payment. This will acknowledge that the PO has been completed. 

For bookings related to travelers for the academic areas, contact the Provost’s Office.

If you wish to make your own travel arrangements online, please keep in mind that these tickets are typically very restrictive.  Date and name changes are usually prohibited.  Additionally, when flights are overbooked, ticket holders of tickets purchased through discount internet providers are usually last to be rescheduled.  If you are not familiar with using these types of services, please contact Travel Leaders for your arrangements.

College air travel booked outside of Travel Leaders should be paid with a College credit card to ensure the traveler is covered by the insurance and benefits available through the credit card program.

The College is unable to reimburse the fair market value of an airline ticket purchased with the traveler’s frequent flyer miles.

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