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Purchasing Policies

To better serve the campus community, the College has established a series of cost saving policies and procedures for the most commonly purchased goods and services.  

The object of these policies is to:

  • Competitively bid more goods and services to achieve the best price and quality of service
  • To reduce the number of vendors used to purchase the same products
  • To reduce the number of check requisitions that are processed and the number of checks written
  • To reduce late fees, missed cash discounts, and sales tax payments
  • To increase the use of purchasing consortiums to take advantage of volume discounts
  • To establish clear guidelines and uniform purchasing practices throughout the campus community.

Please see the Procedures section on Requesting a Purchase Order

Purchasing: Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

College policy generally prohibits the use of College funds to purchase gift cards or gift certificates.  This applies to all College accounts regardless of funding source, including student activities and grant funded accounts.

Internal Revenue Service considers gift cards and gift certificates paid for services, including volunteers, to be payments of cash which must be treated as taxable compensation.  These payments to employees and volunteers must be processed by the Payroll department.  In addition, many students are employees of the College, and additional compensation could impact their financial aid eligibility.

There are limited circumstances where gift certificates and gift cards can be used.  Please contact prior to purchasing the gift cards.

Request for reimbursement for the purchase of gift certificates will not be processed without prior purchasing approval from the Business Office.

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