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Purchasing Policies

To better serve the campus community, the College has established a series of cost saving policies and procedures for the most commonly purchased goods and services.  

The object of these policies is to:

  • Competitively bid more goods and services to achieve the best price and quality of service
  • To reduce the number of vendors used to purchase the same products
  • To reduce the number of check requisitions that are processed and the number of checks written
  • To reduce late fees, missed cash discounts, and sales tax payments
  • To increase the use of purchasing consortiums to take advantage of volume discounts
  • To establish clear guidelines and uniform purchasing practices throughout the campus community.

Please see the Procedures section on Requesting a Purchase Order

Purchasing: Cell Phones and Mobile Devices


Kalamazoo College recognizes the need for certain positions to be issued a mobile device in order to fulfill the essential job duties required.  Eligible employees will be granted usage of these devices in support of the operational and educational mission of the College.  A campus-wide service plan has been selected to reduce monthly costs and provide enhanced services.

Division Vice Presidents must make a determination of the need for such devices for their staff and departments.  Vice Presidents or their designees are responsible for educating their staff about appropriate procedures, and annually reevaluating eligibility of respective staff members to continue using a College issued mobile device.

Under IRS guidelines (Notice 2011-72) the College is not required to tax individuals for personal usage of College provided mobile phones, provided that the mobile device is for “substantial business reasons”.  It is the responsibility of both the staff member and the respective vice president to determine whether this test is being met.  The College reserves the right to amend this policy should the IRS reinstate taxation for personal usage of employer provided mobile phones. 

On rare occasions the College may approve reimbursement for College related calls on personal mobile devices.  Division vice presidents are responsible for authorizing eligible employees within their respective areas for reimbursement.  Reimbursement will be based on 35% of the monthly rate paid by the College for similar devices (either smart phones or other mobile phones) (The rate of reimbursement is subject to review each fiscal year).


Mobile devices (smart phones or other mobile phones; for the policy related to Tablets, see the section related to “Computers and Tablets”) will be provided to College employees who meet at least one of the following three criteria.

  • Are responsible for crisis management, or are required to be “on-call” during off hours for a significant portion of time (e.g. President’s Staff, Security, certain Student Development staff, and certain Information Services staff)
  • Are required to travel for the College as an essential and significant portion of their duties (e.g. Admission Counselors, Advancement Gift Officers, certain CIP staff, etc.)
  • Are required as part of their job to be off campus (e.g. certain Service Learning and Athletic staff), or due to their work environment are required to remain in communication while away from their desk (e.g. Facilities Management).

A small pool of mobile phones will be available for employees who do not have a College issued phone, and who have occasional (once or twice per year) reasons to travel on College business.

The College provides only mobile devices that have been approved and can be supported by Information Services.  (Contact Information Services for listing of approved equipment)

Information Services supports devices that utilize the ActiveSync protocol for mobile data synchronization.  Designated models of iOS(iPhones) and Android devices are supported.  Support provided is for the devices themselves and for certain built-in functionality and services, including connectivity to designated College resources such as email and calendaring.  Support is not provided for other user installed applications.  To protect College resources and data, mobile device security policy settings are established for College owned devices as well as personal devices that access College data.  These security policy settings include:

  • Required password on device, with certain password restrictions
  • A limit to the number of failed authentication attempts
  • Idle time out settings
  • Required encrypted backups for those devices that support it
  • A password required to remove management profile

Process for Requesting Mobile Device

  1. Staff member submits request for mobile device to appropriate vice president for approval.
  2. Vice President submits approved request to Information Services.
  3. Upon verification of eligible equipment, network support, Information Services submits purchase order to Business Office for mobile device.

Damage, Loss or Abuse of Mobile Device

The device provided is College property and it is the responsibility of the staff member to keep it in working condition.  If a device becomes damaged, it shall be brought to Information Services who will arrange for replacement or repair.  Lost or stolen devices shall be immediately reported to the employee’s supervisor, and to Information Services.  All business related costs incurred for replacement or repair will be the responsibility of the employee’s department; however, staff members may be held personally responsible for repair or replacement costs related to abuse or negligence.

Violations of this policy may result in the revoking of the device and disciplinary action.  The College reserves the right to limit or terminate these privileges.

Employee Leave of Absence and Separation of Employment

The vice president or their designee is responsible for ensuring that all mobile devices are turned in to Information Services from staff members who are no longer employed with the College, staff members no longer considered eligible to receive a mobile device, or from staff members that are on leave from the College.  Under rare circumstances a vice president may grant approval for a non-hourly employee to retain a mobile device during an approved leave.  However no hourly employee will be granted permission to retain a College owned mobile device during times of leave from the College.

Hourly Paid Staff

An hourly paid staff employee may use a College issued device to conduct College business only during scheduled work hours, or if outside of scheduled work hours with supervisor’s permission. All time spent conducting College business, whether via phone or email, using a College issued device or a personal device, is time worked, must be approved in advance and must be accurately reported daily as time worked.    

Vehicle Use

Usage of college mobile phones is governed under the Transportation Policy which states “no drivers will use mobile phones at any time while vehicles are in motion or waiting at stoplights, stop signs, etc.  Drivers can only use mobile phones after having pulled over and stopped in a safe location.  Exception:  Mobile phones utilizing hands-free technology may be used by drivers driving alone on Kalamazoo business”.

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