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Kalamazoo College

Purchasing Policies

To better serve the campus community, the College has established a series of cost saving policies and procedures for the most commonly purchased goods and services.  

The object of these policies is to:

  • Competitively bid more goods and services to achieve the best price and quality of service
  • To reduce the number of vendors used to purchase the same products
  • To reduce the number of check requisitions that are processed and the number of checks written
  • To reduce late fees, missed cash discounts, and sales tax payments
  • To increase the use of purchasing consortiums to take advantage of volume discounts
  • To establish clear guidelines and uniform purchasing practices throughout the campus community.

Please see the Procedures section on Requesting a Purchase Order

Purchasing: Office Supplies

Staples is the preferred vendor for office supplies.  Office supplies can be ordered online through the Staples website at significant savings compared to local retail stores.  Orders of $35 or more qualify for free shipping and are delivered the next business day.

The College strongly encourages departments that frequently purchase items such as coffee, paper plates, candy, etc. to order through Staples at the College’s discounted price.

To set up a Staples online account, please email

If you find lower prices on the main Staples website or wish to see if Staples can offer a better price on something you need, please contact our Staples representative,

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