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Purchasing Policies

To better serve the campus community, the College has established a series of cost saving policies and procedures for the most commonly purchased goods and services.  

The object of these policies is to:

  • Competitively bid more goods and services to achieve the best price and quality of service
  • To reduce the number of vendors used to purchase the same products
  • To reduce the number of check requisitions that are processed and the number of checks written
  • To reduce late fees, missed cash discounts, and sales tax payments
  • To increase the use of purchasing consortiums to take advantage of volume discounts
  • To establish clear guidelines and uniform purchasing practices throughout the campus community.

Please see the Procedures section on Requesting a Purchase Order

Purchasing: Fuel/Gas

Fuel can be reimbursed or charged to College credit cards when it's for College and rental vehicles.  Receipts must indicate if the vehicle was a College car or rental car.  Fuel for personal vehicles cannot be reimbursed, but is paid as mileage at the current IRS rate.  Departments can choose to pay a mileage rate lower than the IRS rate.

Not Reviewed