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Travel Policies

Travel: Travel/Cash Advances

Cash advances may be given to College employees for upcoming travel or College expenditures.  Employees may not have more than one advance outstanding at any given time.  Cash advances should be requested by using the Requisition form which can be found at

Employees with College credit cards are expected to limit their cash advance request to incidental costs that cannot be charged on the card. 

All requests for travel advances over $250.00 by employees of academic areas and charged to departmental budgets must have approval of the Provost's Office.   Please route your requisition appropriately.

Advances for travel by guests of the College will be treated as taxable income to be reported on IRS Form 1099-MISC.  College employees should make arrangements for travel for guests using our preferred vendors that can be direct billed to the College when possible (see Purchasing Policies related to Air Travel and Lodging).  Costs of travel by guests may be reimbursed with appropriate documentation and receipts.

Advances should be cleared within 30 days from the last date of travel.  Due to the fiscal year ending on June 30th, cash advances for travel that ends by June 30th must be cleared no later than the second Friday in July.  After 30 days from return of travel or event, employees with outstanding advances will be notified by the Business Office.  Failure to reimburse the College for advances outstanding  90 days or longer, may be subject to disciplinary measures.     

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