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Travel Policies

Travel: Meals & Alcohol

In general the College only reimburses actual expenses for meals while traveling on College business.  Meal claims should reflect actual and reasonable expense and can be claimed for business travel that involves an overnight stay.  Meal tips should be included in the claim for the meal and not listed separately and should not exceed 20%.  Receipts are required for reimbursement.

Travel funded by the Faculty Development Committee has a separate policy that includes a per diem for meals.  Details on this policy are available from the Provost's Office.

Due to IRS regulations, the College is unable to reimburse individual meal expenses related to travel that does not include an overnight stay.

Alcohol consumed with a meal, including cocktails and after-dinner drinks, while entertaining College guests or candidates is reimbursable, to a maximum of two drinks per person.  Moderation with respect to the cost of alcohol is the guiding principle in determining what is reasonable and reimbursable.  Personal consumption of alcohol beyond one drink with dinner while at a conference, professional meeting, or other formally scheduled College-related event is not reimbursable. 

Alcohol may not be purchased with Federal grant funding.

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