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Travel Policies

Travel: International Travel

Trip Planning
The College’s foreign liability insurance provider, Chartis, provides all College students, faculty, and staff with a portal with information on travel information, safety, and trip planning:  Complete information is on the CIP Emergency Evacuation is found here:  Students, faculty, and staff will need the College’s access numbers to access the Travel Guard portal:

GROUP NAME:  Kalamazoo College

Travel Visas
In some cases, it may be more cost effective and efficient for travelers to use a professional service for acquiring travel visas.  If a foreign consulate permits applications for visas via the web or by mail, employees should not need to use a professional service to acquire their visas.  If the employee is required to drop off and/or pick up a visa in person or the employee needs extra assistance in navigating the consulate’s process, a professional service could be used. 

Banking and Foreign Currency Exchange
For small amounts of foreign currency (up to $400), employees should deposit their travel advances into their checking accounts and then just withdraw the money from a foreign ATM.

Employees are advised to inform their bank and credit card companies of their travel plans, including PNC if the employee will be traveling with a College credit card.  In some cases, when banks and credit card companies notice unusual foreign charges and withdrawals, they will place holds on bank and credit card accounts. 

The Travel Expense Report includes a column for exchange rate which should be provided by the traveler. The employee may use either the rate of exchange for foreign currency exchanged during his/her trip or a Web currency converter such as  If a copy of the traveler's personal credit card statement is included with receipts, reimbursement will be for the amount shown for the item on the credit card statement.

Car Rental Insurance
Car rental insurance while traveling outside of the U.S. on College business is recommended and reimbursable by the College. 


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