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K to the Windy City: Careers in Law, Social Justice and Nonprofit Administration

K to the Windy City: Careers in Law, Social Justice and Nonprofit Administration

In March 2017, 25 students traveled to Chicago to participate in a series of site visits, tours, panel and networking events, as well as casual conversations with K alumni working in a variety of nonprofit settings and/or practicing different types of law. Read article here.

If you are interested in reading about the alumni who met with the K to the Windy City students in Chicago, you can read their bios here.

Chicago Alumni engaged in 2017 K to the Windy City

From funding to site visits to round table meetings to hosting or attending events, K to the Windy City would not have been possible without the generosity of our alumni. The following alumni contributed in some capacity to the first K-Trek to Chicago:

Alexandra Altman '97

Kelly Bauer '10

Marietta Bowman '02

Margy Brill '11

Jane Burchfield '85

Michael Cansfield '87

Megan Carney '92

Jeremy Cole '96

Andrea Dakin '98

Kant Desai '99

Doug Doetsch '79

Mike Doornweerd '92

Kim Drew '00

Mathew Duggan '09

Justin Evans '09

Caitlin Finan '11

Mark Furlong '83

Jay Goodwin '85

Christine Grodecki '06

Marie Halverson '93

Cole Hardy '06

John Hayes '96

Kathleen Hirsman '76

Will Hobart '06

Andrea Johnson '15

Peter Knight '95

Kelly Koss '04

Carla Kupe-Arion '02

Matt Lango '97

Hope Lassen '02

Jodie Lawton '99

Stephanie Leite '01

Matt Longjohn '93

Haley Madel '13

Carlton Marcyan '76

Alex Morgan '11

Kristen Nuyen '12

Kathleen  O'Donovan '11

Elizabeth Okey '07

Sonya Olds Som '94

Jeff Owen '76

Anne Renaud '10

Sara Reschly '95

Aaron Ries ‘06

Christopher Rollyson '82

Juli Scalf '09

Christie Schuessler '11

Elizabeth Schweitzer '09

Sam Sedaei '06

Jeannette Srivastava '00

Erin Stockall '11

Ajka Suljevic '10

Wade Thomson '98

Carla Varner '97

Mary Woolever '70

Mike Woolever '71

Rachel Legg Zarit '02



2017 K to the Windy City Student Participants:

Chenxi (Abby) Lu '17, Anthropology/Sociology

Ailih Weeldreyer '19, Political Science

Andrea Beitel '17, Anthropology/Sociology, International & Area Studies

Anja Xheka '17, Art History

Anne Waugh '19, Psychology

Benjamin Toledo '17, Anthropology/Sociology, Business

Blanca Moreno '17, Political Science

Carmen Nogueron '18, Anthropology/Sociology

Cat Cook '17, Latin, Political Science

Cody Howrigon '18, Economics, Philosophy

Emily Levy '17, Anthropology/Sociology

Gunyeop Lee  '17, International & Area Studies, Political Science

Hannah Lehker  '17, Anthropology/Sociology, Spanish

Heather Brown '19, History, Philosophy

Honora Stagner  '17, Psychology, Studio Art

Jasmine Khin '18, English/Lit. & Cult. Studies, Philosophy

Lauren Arquette '19, Political Science

Lauren Perlaki  '17, English / Writing Emphasis

Madison Triplett '19, Economics

Matthew Ryder '18, Business

Monet Foster '18, Anthropology/Sociology, Psychology

Regina Shaw '19, Political Science

Ren Ballew '17, Anthropology/Sociology, Critical Ethnic Studies

Sirui (Sherry) Chen '19, Economics

Sydney Brown '18, Psychology