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Alumni Stay Connected

Having experienced the K-Plan first-hand, alumni of Kalamazoo College are in a unique position to understand and support the career development needs of current K students. We are grateful for the growing roster of alumni professionals who work with the CCPD to offer externships, internships, and informal mentoring through the Guilds.

Get Involved: Connecting with Current Students

We believe that providing meaningful opportunities for connecting current students with alumni can lead to powerful career development experiences for all involved. No matter where your post-graduate pursuits have taken you, we are positive that our students can learn from your career path. Whether you share few minutes of phone conversation about your experience or a summer of "porch time," your contribution will make a difference. We invite you to consider involvement in any of the following ways:

Alumni Career Services

The CCPD values our connections with K alumni. While our primary focus is on the career development of current students, we also offer some career services to alumni, including a collection of some of our best resources to help you in your own career transitions.

Other Ways to Get Engaged

Alumni who feel connected to K and value their college experience are vital in promoting K’s distinctive educational mission. For other ways to contribute to the excellence of Kalamazoo College, visit the Alumni Relations page.

Career Opportunities at K

K alumni are encouraged to consider relevant openings at the College, which can be accessed via the Human Resources webpage.