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Frequently Asked Questions

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What industries are students interested in?

  • Students areas of interest vary a great deal from year to year. We are delighted to work with alumni in all fields of interest.

When I enroll do I need to know exactly what the student will be doing during their externship?

  • It is helpful for students to have a general idea of what the externship might involve. However, knowing exactly what that might be is not necessary when you enroll.

What type of activities do students participate in while at work?

  • What an extern does, depends on the host as well as the organization. Some students will shadow their host, others might be assigned a particular project. Some hosts make arrangements with their colleagues for the extern to shadow them for a day.

Who determines the dates of an externship?

  • Once a student has been selected for an externship, you and the student decide on dates that are mutually agreeable.
  • If you have particular dates for the externship or dates you want to avoid, this information can be specified on the enrollment form.

Are externs paid?

  • No, the externships are unpaid opportunities.
  • Externs receive some financial assistance through the program to help offset a portion of the travel costs and incidental expenses.

What is the expectation for the Homestay?

  • Hosts provide a room and meals (typically breakfast and dinner) for their extern.
  • Accommodations for externs vary greatly depending on the living arrangements of the host.
  • Talk with your extern ahead of time about activities outside of work. Perhaps there are local attractions that they might be interested in visiting.

May I host more than one extern?

  • Yes, some hosts find that it is easier to have more than one extern at a time. They discover that the students are good company for each other, and being externs together offers them the chance to debrief the day.
  • Hosts have also offered two opportunities at different times during the summer.



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