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Connecting Kalamazoo College Alumni and Students in Summer Professional Development Opportunities

Recognizing the power and value of connections with one's alma mater, K-Internships afford current students the opportunity to work with K alumni supervisors.

In the summer of 2009, the CCPD piloted the idea of K-Internships, supporting nine student/alumni pairs within the Field Experience Program. As with the Discovery Externship Program, the feedback from both students and alumni was overwhelmingly positive, and K-Internships became a full-fledged part of the Field Experience Program in the summer of 2010. 

Selected students work in an unpaid alumni-supervised internship for at least six weeks in the summer, full- or part-time, for a minimum of 192 hours total. The CCPD offers each K-Intern a stipend, the amount of which is determined by a need-based sliding scale, to help with expenses incurred by the student over the course of the unpaid summer internship. If the alumni supervisor's employer is able to pay the K student intern directly, with compensation equaling or exceeding the amount of a CCPD stipend, such an internship may also be considered a K-Internship.

Unlike Discovery Externships with alumni, K-Internships do not come with housing or travel reimbursement; each intern makes his or her own housing arrangements, often following leads provided by the K-Internship supervisor.

Alumni supervisors are free to schedule the specific time frame of their K-Internship during the summer non-enrolled months; we ask that sponsors explicitly discuss the time frame with students during the interview and at the time a selected student accepts the position. We expect that a supervisor will regularly discuss with the intern the progress of work together during the internship, and that a supervisor will provide written feedback at the end of the internship. We expect that a student intern will fulfill the requirements for the Field Experience Program:

  • Completion of a Learning Contract with the internship supervisor in order to mutually establish goals for skill development, learning, and contribution to the organization during the internship
  • Completion of an Online Orientation before departure
  • Submission of Reflective Responses throughout the internship
  • Completion of FEP Program Evaluation at the conclusion of the internship

Since students begin to apply in January, K-Internship opportunities must be confirmed by the end of the calendar year for the following summer. Alumni interested in being considered as internship supervisors may contact CCPD director Joan Hawxhurst at or 269-337-7183.  

Alumni who are not in a position to offer direct supervision of a summer student intern may refer internship opportunities in their company or organization. Learn more about referred internships.