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Kalamazoo College

Career Coaching

Getting Individual Help

Career Associates, specially trained peer counselors, are available for quick drop-in questions. Need someone to look over your résumé or cover letter? Need help getting started with LinkedIn? The Career Associates are here to help! Drop-in sessions typically last 10-15 minutes. If you would like more time, you are more than welcome to set up an appointment with a Career Coach.

Career Coaches, full-time staff members, are available for scheduled appointments. Are you unsure of what to major in? Do you want to take a career assessment? Need direction in choosing employment options or graduate school? If you do not have something specific you are working on, or do not know what direction to take, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with a staff member in the CCPD. To schedule an appointment, call 269.337.7183 or stop by our office in Dewing Hall on the 1st Floor.

What to Bring

When coming to the CCPD for a drop-in visit or scheduled appointment, bring any document you would like critiqued with you, either on paper or in digital format. This includes résumés, cover letters, personal statements, etc. Also, bring the job description/posting or program description for which you are applying.

Want a Head Start?

Check out the CCPD's Career Development Plan My Life After K to help you structure your career development and take advantage of opportunities that are designed to help you step confidently into "life after K." We will help you build a foundation, discover your passions, build relationships, and take action.