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Hire A Hornet

The Center for Career and Professional Development at Kalamazoo College is eager to work with employers who are looking to hire our unique and talented students. K students have the experience and skill to be competitive candidates for job openings or internships in various fields.

Why Hire K Students?

Each K student creates her or his own K-Plan, a unique approach to education which includes rigorous on-campus coursework, career development experiences, study abroad, and the Senior Individualized Project. As a result, our students develop skills in intercultural understanding, interdisciplinary connections, oral and written expression, quantitative reasoning, second language proficiency, information literacy, and lifelong learning. They consistently display outstanding critical thinking abilities and academic engagement, as measured by the Collegiate Learning Assessment. These foundational skills enable our students to succeed and excel across a broad range of challenging work environments. And national studies confirm that liberal arts graduates feel "better prepared" for their first job and for life after college.

Off-Campus Employers:

Thank you for your interest in recruiting Kalamazoo College students. There are a number of ways that the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) recommends you connect with students. Please view the Recruiting Events page for more information. 

Regardless of the time of year, we provide an easy and convenient way for you to post a position in K-Connect, our online job/internship database system. Current students have access to this resource year-round. Once you post the position, students are able to view your opportunity and learn how to apply. Interested in posting an opportunity for K students?

Are you an alumna/us of Kalamazoo College? The CCPD manages a program called The Kalamazoo College Guilds, which is open to Kalamazoo College alumni, students, staff, and faculty. This on-line community, housed on LinkedIn, grows daily and is a great place to post current opportunities. Jobs posted as "Job Discussions" are free to members and are visible for two weeks for their post date. Please see our guilds webpage at for more information on joining the Guilds.

Campus Employers: