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Kalamazoo College

Campus Student Employment for Campus Employers

The CCPD encourages the use of one departmental contact for the College's student employment program. We encourage departments to rely on their contact to post openings, respond to inquiries, and either do the hiring or forward applicants to the direct supervisor (should you not also serve in that role). If you are no longer serving in this role, please contact Terri Raich with the name of the new contact for your department.

How To "Post a Campus Position" in K-Connect

  • Login to K-Connect
  • Hover your cursor over "My Jobs" in the gray navigational bar near the top of the page.
  • Select "Job List" to choose a job you would like to copy for use this year.
  • Click "Copy Job" in the left navigation bar
    • The previously posted job will close and a new "copy" will automatically open
    • Revise and Save
  • Select "New Job" to create a new position from scratch.
  • For Fall Quarter Jobs Only (Campus Priority Hiring):
    • Use "Post Date: 8/17/17"
    • Use "Expiration Date: 9/18/17"
    • If you are able to hold a fall campus position for a first-year student, please designate by including "(reserved for first-year)" in the job title.

Fall Campus Priority Hiring

For fall employment, College policy is to give priority hiring to a designated group of students:

  • First-Year and Returning Students with Federal Work/Study
  • Transfer Students with Federal Work/Study
  • Posse Students with Campus Employment Award
  • International Students with Campus Employment Award

While general eligibility information is included in the K-Connect database, enabling contacts/supervisors to easily identify these students through a search (see below), specific information is not included in K-Connect. Work/Study financial information is maintained by Financial Aid.

2017 Fall Campus Priority Hiring Timeline

Who What When
Students Update profiles in K-Connect (including skills, etc.) 7/03/17 – 8/02/17
Department Contact Post fall jobs to K-Connect 6/12/17 – 8/16/17
Department Contact
(or Supervisor)
Search K-Connect for Fall Campus Priority Hiring Students* 8/02/17 – 8/16/17
Students Search K-Connect for remaining, unfilled jobs 8/17/17 – 9/18/17

How To "Search for Fall Campus Priority Hiring Students" in K-Connect

1. After log-in, click the "Student Search" tab.

2. Make the following Search Criteria selections:

"Campus Hiring Priority"

  • Select "Yes" to yield ALL students with Federal Work/Study Award (FWS) and Posse and International Students with a Campus Employment Award (CE).

"Class Cohort"

Between 8/02/17 – 8/16/17 the College encourages campus employers to use this opportunity to reach out to new incoming students. To search this class cohort:

  • Select "Incoming First Year" + "Incoming Transfer" + "First Year" (+ the "yes" selection from previous step).


  • Selecting the "Add/Remove" button will allow you to narrow your search by providing the ability to multi-select additional skills of these students.

How To "Hire Fall Campus Priority Hiring Students"

  • Contact students of interest and schedule phone interviews, schedule campus interviews, etc… whatever your preference for choosing employees.
  • After you have selected a student for hire, close your position posted in K-Connect by changing the "Expiration Date" to the current date.
  • Report student hires to Human Resources.
  • New student employees of the College must also submit proper forms and documents to Human Resources before they can begin their employment. Directing your new hires to the HR Student employment website will help ensure they arrive to campus prepared to work.
  • Work/Study financial information is maintained by Financial Aid.



CCPD Campus Student Employment pages maintained by Terri Raich