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Kalamazoo College

Posting an Opportunity

We provide an easy and convenient way for you to post a position for our students—K-Connect, our online job/internship database system. Once you post the position, students are able to view your opportunity and learn how to apply.

Job/Internship seekers using K-Connect are typically traditional-aged college students and recent graduates of an internationally-focused liberal arts curriculum. With this in mind, we do not permit the following kinds of postings:

  • Opportunities requiring an advanced degree
  • Opportunities requiring more than 1 year experience
  • Opportunities requiring specialized training not offered through our curriculum
  • Opportunities not typically filled by applicants either pursuing or having completed a bachelor of arts degree
  • Part-time opportunities that are not local (unless available June through September)
  • Opportunities requiring a fee

The CCPD reserves the right to deny on-campus recruitment opportunities or position postings by any Employer or Recruiter at its discretion.

    To post a position please visit K-Connect.

    If you need further assistance in determining if Kalamazoo College is a likely source for qualified candidates or if you have questions about our program and services, please call Terri Raich at 269-337-7183 or email


    We aim to assist our students in developing the critical skills they will need to be successful in the professional world. We also look to develop ways to connect our students with the best employers and opportunities available. It is for this reason that we are eager to build relationships with employers, graduate schools, and alumni.