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Community Reflection: Reflections on Rejection

Time: 11:00 am

Duration: 50 minutes

Contact: Rachel B. Wood, 269-337-7183

We’ve reached a point of our academic year when many students are excitedly checking their campus mailboxes, email inboxes, and voicemail messages for “the news”.
*Did I get in to the study abroad site of my choice?
*Was I called for that interview?
*Does this letter from my dream graduate school say “Accepted”?
*Did I get that job?

Everyone—no matter their level of talent, dedication, or intelligence—faces rejection. When we are rejected or when we fail, we often feel upset and discouraged. We think, “this is terrible…what will I do?” This week, we at the CCPD are taking time to reflect on our rejections, and offer the chance for you to do the same. Often, we find that we learn the most from these rejections, and as we persevere we find the cliched saying to be true; that when one door closes, another opens.

We've invited the following community members to speak briefly about a rejection in their lives.

  • D'Angelo Bailey  '05 -  Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders Program Director
    D'Angelo graduated from Kalamazoo College in 2005, where he studied psychology and received a Master of Public Administration degree from Western Michigan University in 2009.
  • Ed Menta, Ph.D. - Professor and Director of the Theatre Arts Department
  • Dr. Alan M. Hill has been at "K" since 1992, fancies himself a generalist with special interests in anxiety, addictions, anger issues, family issues and ADD/Learning Disabilities. Dr. Hill performs alcohol and LD evaluations.  
  • Bianca Rasho is a senior economics major and Chinese major.  Aside form her studies, she is the 2012-2013 president of Student Commission. This is Bianca's second year serving as a Career Associate.


This event occurs on:

  • Friday, March 8th, 2013
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