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Monroe-Brown Internships Deadline

Contact: Rachel B. Wood, 269-337-7183

Summer 2013 Monroe-Brown Internships Now Live

Current sophomores and juniors: check out the 43 amazing summer opportunities offered exclusively to local college and university students through the Monroe-Brown Internship Program! This collaboration between Southwest Michigan First and the Monroe-Brown Foundation delivers one of the nation's most rewarding internship programs. Local college and university students get not only funding for higher education -- up to $5,500 in scholarships plus summer internship wages -- but, more importantly, applied career experience in the Southwest Michigan business community. In summer 2012, two K College students were among the 30-something local college students selected for these prestigious opportunities.

Summer 2013 internship sites are this link: Stop by the CCPD soon for help with your application, so you'll have time to make the March 15 application deadline.

The scholarships awarded at the successful completion of a Monroe-Brown Internship will be considered as a resource in a student's financial aid award, and the Financial Aid office will make every effort to maximize the benefit of the scholarship to the student to the extent that it is able. Questions about financial aid awards and how they might be impacted by a Monroe-Brown internship award should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

This event occurs on:

  • Friday, March 15th, 2013