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What do Externs say about the Externship Program

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  • “A great opportunity to observe what it’s like to be a medical provider in a private practice setting as well as in a hospital. An A+ experience!” Caleb '17
  • “I feel like I really got to see a little bit of everything involved with family law and also meet other lawyers who all had different advice and tips I should consider.” David '15

  • “Externships are underrated. Most students that I talk to forget about these opportunities. The experiences are invaluable and they build upon the notion of self-reliance that we exemplify at K College.” Colin '15

  • “The externship provides insights into a wonderful playwriting organization staffed by intelligent, hard-working people.” David '14
  •  "My externship experience was one of the best aspects of my time at K, I can't emphasize that enough." Claire '14