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LinkedIn for Beginners:

Connecting with Alumni:

Many of us use LinkedIn to find Kalamazoo College alumni. The quickest way to find alumni in your area is through an "Advanced" search.

  1. Simply log in to
  2. Click on "Advanced" (top, middle-right of your screen)
  3. Type "Kalamazoo College" (use the quotation marks) into the "School" field
  4. Type in your zip code of interest
  5. Click "Search"

By default your results will include only those who are in your "network" (meaning people who are first, second, or third degree connections, or those who are members of the same group(s) as you, i.e. the Kalamazoo College Guilds). If you want to see everyone in your area, remove these parameters at the top of your search results.

You may also find the Advanced search useful for finding alumni working in specific industries/organizations, finding alumni who shared your major (use the "keyword" search), finding alumni who've attended graduate school at an institution of interest, etc.

For an interactive, visual way to locate alumni, check out LinkedIn's alumni tool.

Making the most of LinkedIn:

Connecting with The Guilds of Kalamazoo College: