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Kalamazoo College

2018 Summer Internships

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Older students may remember a summer internship program managed by the CCPD. This program, which served fewer than 40 students last summer, has been discontinued in an effort to redistribute limited CCPD resources for maximum accessibility and impact. 

Recognizing the fact that students come to K with vastly differing levels of access to resources (both finances and networks), the CCPD and its partners (CCE and ACSJL) are committed to working toward greater equity in resource allocation. Therefore, beginning in summer 2018, the CCPD will disburse $4,000 internship stipends through a competitive application process open only to students who meet eligibility criteria. Summer internship stipends will be granted to first-generation college students (as self-reported to the College) and/or students with high financial need (as determined by the Financial Aid Office). Students in either of these categories have received notification via email from the CCPD about their eligibility and will receive additional information about the competitive application process for these stipends in January 2018.

Current funding will provide a total of 23 stipends in summer 2018 (down from 30 stipends in 2017, due to an increase in stipend size from $3,000 to $4,000). 

Every K student is encouraged to work with a CCPD career coach to find or create an internship opportunity each summer. Handshake includes hundreds of paid and unpaid internship postings, and networking can lead to additional opportunities.