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Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo College Professional Networking Group

The Kalamazoo College Professional Networking Group (KPNG) on LinkedIn is an exclusive career-focused community of individuals with K College connections. The KPNG is the same LinkedIn group formerly known as the Kalamazoo College Guilds.

Over 2,000 alumni, parents and other professionals have joined this private LinkedIn group in order to support the career development of current students and young alumni. KPNG members can search for professionals with specific interests or experience, ask questions, start discussions, advertise relevant events and workshops, and share internship and entry-level opportunities.

If you’d like to join this private group on LinkedIn, first create a LinkedIn profile, then request to join here: Your request to join will be approved within a week.

Another way to make professional connections within the K College community is through Wisr, the Kalamazoo College Career Mentoring Network.

How students can make the most of the KPNG:

  1. Make sure your Linkedin profile is up-to-date and professional.
  2. Join the Kalamazoo College Professional Networking Group on Linkedin.
  3. Post questions or topics to the group. This could be a request to be contacted by an individual or a question for the group. Your posts may look something like the following examples:
    1. “I am a junior majoring in Art History with a minor in Studio Art. I would like to connect with someone with a similar background to help me explore career options.”
    2. “I am a sophomore majoring in Philosophy and I have not yet chosen a minor. I would like to ask the group their thoughts on this topic.”
    3. “I am looking for a mentoring relationship as I prepare for my junior year with aspirations of going to law school.”
    4. “I live in the Detroit area, and I would like to work in marketing after I graduate. Is there someone in the group that I could meet with while I am home during Thanksgiving Break?”
  4. Watch for others’ posts in response to yours.
  5. Make sure that you follow up when someone offers to help, even if you can’t take advantage of the offer.
  6. Always thank those who extend offers of help.