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Kalamazoo College

Fall 2012 PDI Networking Reception Attendees

Center for Career and Professional Development Connection Reception

Please join students, alumni professionals, faculty and staff at an informal networking gathering. Come prepared to share the story of your own career path, listen and learn from others’ work experiences, and explore professional possibilities both local and global. This is a great opportunity to network and make professional connections. Co-Hosted by the Center for Career and Professional Development and the Alumni Association Executive Board, this event is part of the Professional Development Institute and is a great opportunity to network and make professional connections.

Friday, October 19, 2012, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

Banquet Room, Weimer K. Hicks Center

Drinks and appetizers served

*All students welcome; those over 21 may enjoy beer or wine with proper ID

Kindly RSVP in the affirmative by clicking here

(Though we encourage attendees to RSVP in advance, everyone is welcome whether you have RSVP'd or not. We look forward to seeing you there!)

Alumni/Professional Reception Attendees Include:

Christopher Altman '97, Assistant Director of Sales Engineering, Cogent Communications

Amy Auer, Assistant Director, Kalamazoo College, Center for Career and Professional Development

Elizabeth Beachy '97, Founder, Upleaf

Matt Bunkowski '00, (AAEB Member) Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Christa Clapp '97, Associate Director, Point Carbon

Sonja Dean '94, Program Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Bill Gallagher '12, Organizer, Gretchen Driskell for State Representative

Chad Goodwill '92, Regional Sales Manager, Imperial Beverage

Joan Hawxhurst, Director, Kalamazoo College CCPD

Ann Jenks, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Kalamazoo College

Lisa Johns, Director of Selection and Recruitment, Northwestern Mutual

Kaitlyn Johnson, Analyst and Training & Product Development Specialist, HUMANeX Ventures

Megan Kloosterman, Client Service Intern/Senior, HUMANeX Ventures and attending WMU's Business School

Emily Kobza '06, Director of Development & Business Engagement, Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo
(just received MBA from Western Michigan University)

Tim Krause '07, Manager of Development & Grants, KIPP Central Ohio

Laura Lam '99, Deputy Director, Community Planning and Development, City of Kalamazoo

Scott Loveridge ’80, Professor, Michigan State University, and Director, North Central Regional Center for Rural Development. 

Hope MacGregor '97, Vice President, Ketchum PR - Chicago

Rayline Manni '97, Capital Campaign Coordinator, Comstock Community Center

Jessie Mannisto '04, Research and Communications Specialist, Consulate General of Japan in Detroit

Jeff Marinucci '00, President & CEO, Perpetual Motion Fitness Corporation/ inerTRAIN

Erin Mazzoni '07, (AAEB Member) Manager of Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis, Tory Burch, LLC

Blayne Milbeck '10, Graduate Student, Western Michigan University

Jason Morgan '94, Nonprofit leader seasoned at building relationships and programs around community need and collaborative opportunities.

Karen Nelson '77, Global Head of Alliance (Deal) Finance, Novartis

Zaide Pixley, Dean of the First Year and Advising, Kalamazoo College

Char Leigh Roberts, Recruiter, Mercer University's Walter F. George School of Law  

Christopher Rollyson '82, Managing Director, CSRA Inc.

Tiffany Rozell, Client Service Intern, Humanex Ventures

Susan Smoley '77, Arlington Heights School District 25, Substitute Teacher

Pam Sotherland, Program and Data Manager, Kalamazoo College CCPD

Dafina Lazarus Stewart '95,  (AAEB Member) Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University

Dana Schmitt '10, Events and Program Coordinator, Gazelle Sports

Chuck Stull, Senior Instructor, Economics, Kalamazoo College

Andrew Terranella '99, Chief, Primary Care/Pediatrics, United States Public Health Service/Indian Health Service/Pinon Health Center

Dr. Todd Thompson '97, Assistant Professor of English at Indiana, University of Pennsylvania

Brenda Turner '71, Retired--Michigan Office of Attorney General/Former Assistant Attorney General

Samatha Whitney '87, Managing Partner, Athena Research Consulting

Dennis Wilder '77, Senior Reviewer for President's Daily Brief, The White House

Bill Williams '71, (AAEB Member) Executive Vice President; Head of Developing Markets Client Management, BNY Mellon, New York, NY

Jacob Williams, Student, Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Jenn Williams, Accounting Associate, Kalamazoo College

Karen Williams, Interim Career Counselor, Center for Career and Professional Development, Kalamazoo College

Rachel Witalec '07, Global Google Analytics Lead, Google

Rachel Wood, Assistant Director, Center for Career and Professional Development, Kalamazoo College

Doug Wunderly '79, Interventional Cardiologist/ President and founder of Advanced Cardiac Healthcare/ Medical director of cardiology at Bronson Methodist Hospital, Advanced Cardiac Healthcare

Student Attendees

Sarah Allis '13, Student/Peer Advisor at the Center for International Programs, Kalamazoo College

Mysha Clark '13, Career Associate/Senior, Kalamazoo College

Tyler Benmark '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Martin Bergstrom'13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Bridgett Colling '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Jessica Farmer '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Ian Flanagan '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Jared Georgakopoulos '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Mark Ghafari '14, Career Associate/Student, Kalamazoo College

Samantha Gross '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Emily Harris-Makinen '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Abigail Hedgepeth '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Andrew Iraola '13, Current student at Kalamazoo College/ Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Senior/ Financial Representative

Alaina McConnell '13, Career Associate/Student, Kalamazoo College

Tendai Mudyiwa '14, Student, Kalamazoo College

Jason Nosrati '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Aaron Parach '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Regina Pell '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Ben Richards '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Eeva Sharp '13, Career Associate/Student, Kalamazoo College

Shang Sun '15, Career Associate/Student, Kalamazoo College

Keeney Swearer '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Yongle Wang '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Charles Weber '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Samantha Wolfe '13, Student, Kalamazoo College

Karl Young '13, Student, Kalamazoo College