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Career Development Plan

My Life After K...

As I move through my four years at K, I can use these checklists to develop the knowledge, skills, and networks I’ll need to succeed in my life after K.


Who do I want to be?

I will …

  • Discover my interests through jobs, service-learning, campus activities, and/or athletics
  • Stop by the CCPD during drop-in hours to get started on Handshake, LinkedIn, and my résumé
  • Check out the CCPD’s online resources and learn how to use Handshake
  • Consider my values, personality, and strengths through career assessment tools
  • Meet alumni professionals at CCPD events
  • Make use of my professors’ office hours so they will know me when I need a recommendation
  • Get summer experience: externships, internship, and/or relevant summer job
  • Join the Kalamazoo College Professional Networking Group (KPNG) on LinkedIn


What do I want to do with my life?

In addition to the list above, I will …

  • Add my summer experiences to Handshake, LinkedIn, and my résumé
  • Research what others have done with majors I’m considering
  • Build my network of face-to-face and online professional contacts
  • Meet alumni through the Kalamazoo College Career Mentoring Network
  • Request informational interviews with alumni professionals who have interesting career paths
  • Attend recruiting events, graduate school fairs, and job fairs
  • If I’m going on Study Abroad, consider the skills I want to build while away and draft an ICRP résumé
  • Add some business professional clothing to my wardrobe
  • Use Handshake to choose a summer experience through which I'll learn new skills and make new connections


How do I get there from here?

In addition to the lists above, I will …

  • Meet with a career coach, via Skype if I’m abroad
  • If I’m on campus, visit the CCPD and attend CCPD events
  • If I’m thinking of graduate school, research application deadlines and register for admission tests
  • Consider post-baccalaureate opportunities including fellowships and scholarships
  • Plan for my all-important junior summer of SIP research and/or an internship
  • Expand my professional network, face-to-face and online
  • Start reading the news and joining professional organizations in the fields I’m considering
  • Get my interview suit, practice interviewing with a career coach and with Big Interview
  • Schedule job shadows with alumni professionals in careers I’m considering


Am I ready for my life after K?

In addition to the lists above, I will …

  • Meet with a career coach for help with my job search or grad school plans
  • Perfect my résumé, my Handshake and LinkedIn profiles, my online presence, and my elevator pitch
  • Complete my graduate school and financial aid applications
  • Attend senior networking events and "Confident at Commencement" series
  • Activate my network for job leads, keep a list of confirmed references
  • Keep my interview suit clean and pressed
  • Apply for post-baccalaureate opportunities and/or fellowships and scholarships
  • Apply for job opportunities, evaluate and negotiate offers
  • Have a back-up plan
  • Share my search and my success with CCPD staff and alumni who have helped me

Connect with a CCPD career coach for help every step of the way! Visit during drop-in hours, call 269-337-7183, or stop by the CCPD, first floor Dewing, to make an appointment. Or, book an appointment online through Handshake.