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SPONSORING an Externship

Since its launch in 2002, the Center for Career and Professional Develoment's award-winning Discovery Externship Program, has given alumni and parent sponsors the opportunity to share their professional and home lives with current K students interested in similar career pursuits. Sponsoring an extern is a great way to be connected to the excitement and intellectual passion that is thriving at K these days.

What do alumni and parent sponsors say about hosting an extern?

  • "I found it a lot of fun. I enjoyed showing our student what practicing medicine is like. It helped me reflect on what I was like at 19 trying to make similar career decisions."
  • "It's an amazing experience to spend time with these students. We love eating dinner with them on a nightly basis and talking for hours about the complexities of life. We enjoyed talking about careers, politics, religion, and other life changing decisions. They were also a huge asset to our organization."
  • "Hosting a K student was a lovely experience. It was fun to get to share my experiences at and beyond K with her. When I was at K, wondering what I might do next, I had no idea what graduate school was all about. I enjoyed being able to offer a K student a glimpse of that next step and to provide some guidance about how to get there."
  • "I enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the extern about my own scattered career path. I reassure students that career paths do not need to be defined at graduation and do not need to be linear. I wish I had someone to talk to about such concerns when I was a student."
  • "It's great to see the level of intellectual curiosity that I remember as a hallmark of my time at K is still alive and well in the current student body. My extern made me feel as if the DNA of the college was still much the same—the students are there because they are truly engaged and committed to learning. That was nice to see."

The months of November/December are our active enrollment period for the upcoming summer.  We are counting on alumni like you to commit to sharing your time and talent with a K student for 10 days-2 weeks next summer.

For an overview of the Discovery Externship Program please refer to the information located to the right, under Related Documents.

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