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SPONSORING an Externship

Since its launch in 2002, the Center for Career and Professional Develoment's award-winning Discovery Externship Program, has given alumni and parent sponsors the opportunity to share their professional and home lives with current K students interested in similar career pursuits. Sponsoring an extern is a great way to be connected to the excitement and intellectual passion that is thriving at K these days.

What do alumni and parent sponsors say about hosting an extern?

  • "I was able to participate in the Externship Program as an undergraduate and the experience really opened my eyes to the importance of work/life balance. I explored the city and went to concerts in the park while getting exposure to a large, international nonprofit organization. It shaped not only my SIP but also my appreciation for the K community that extends far beyond Academy Street. It's our privilege to mentor a current Hornet through the Discovery Externship Program." K. Kent '07
  • "It is an opportunity to give something back to the K community, to get to know a student with shared interests, and hopefully contribute to the student's education and career planning." A. Gravley '84
  • "It was really great to connect with a couple of current K-College students and the whole experience felt very rewarding on both sides.  I think I learned as much about being an adult and interacting with college students as they did about my career path!" B. Warner '04
  • "Love the time and love the students.  They keep wanting to come back!!!  We build relationships that last a life time." C. Marker Daily '96
  • "I enjoyed spending time with my extern, who was in the position I was 30 years ago! It is great program that K provides, really every college should do such a thing. I was so blessed to have been able to attend K, and it felt good to be able to give back a little." G. Doskoch '84
  • "I enjoyed learning about the current "K" experience from the student and sharing memories of "K" when I attended over 35 years ago. Also, the student was quite an asset to the operation of our current Youth Theatre Fellows camp. Although she was only with us for a week, within a few days it felt as though she were a "regular" member of the staff. The Externship Program provides a mutually beneficial way everyone involved can learn, share, and grow." A. Austin Anderson '78

The months of November/December are our active enrollment period for the upcoming summer.  We are counting on alumni like you to commit to sharing your time and talent with a K student for 10 days-2 weeks next summer.

For an overview of the Discovery Externship Program please refer to the information located to the right, under Related Documents.

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