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Summer Internships at K

NOTE: Most internship webpages are currently under construction as we make changes for 2015-16.
Program updates will be unveiled by October 1, 2015.


Summer internships help students determine their major, apply classroom learning to real-world situations, develop relationships with professionals, and gain valuable career-related experience. Field-based internships have long been recognized as a vital component of the K-Plan, and the CCPD's Field Experience Program underscores the College's commitment to this type of experiential education.

What is the CCPD's definition of an internship?

An internship is defined by the CCPD as a supervised work experience within an organization, with specific learning goals and career-related work assignments, under the guidance of a professional who has made the commitment to provide orientation, on-going learning opportunities, reflection, feedback and performance evaluation. (Independent research consulting a professional is not considered an internship by the CCPD.)

There are many benefits to participating in an internship through the CCPD's Field Experience Program, including:

  • First-hand experience in a chosen field of interest
  • Learning goals and structured reflection reviewed by a CCPD staff member
  • One-on-one time with a seasoned professional
  • Professional relationships and career networking
  • Enhancement of your professional and personal skills

Note: The CCPD does not grant academic credit for internships. To receive credit for a similar experience during the academic year, a student would have to arrange for an independent study directly with a faculty member. The CCPD would not be involved with this type of arrangement. However, the CCPD does arrange for official transcript notation for internships which are enrolled in and successfully fulfill the requirements of the Field Experience Program, which occurs during the non-enrolled summer months.


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