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What is a K-Internship?

Unique to Kalamazoo College, K-Internships are summer internship opportunities that are:

  • extended only to K students; and,
  • supervised directly by K alumni and/or parents.

Students are able to develop a professional working relationship with their K alumni supervisor and/or K parent supervisor, learn about the "real-world" applications of their liberal arts education, and contribute their skills and energy to the work of their placement. 

Students apply for K-Internships through the CCPD during winter quarter's Round One, and sometimes during a Round Two at the start of spring quarter. Each K-Internship comes with a sliding-scale stipend to help with expenses incurred by the student over the course of the summer internship. Unlike Discovery Externships with alumni, K-Internships do not come with housing; each intern makes his or her own housing arrangements, often following leads provided by the K-Internship supervisor.

K-Internships for the coming summer will go live in K-Connect:

  • Round One: January 10, 2014
  • Round Two:  March 31, 2014

To apply, please review the internship timeline/deadlines, application requirements, and internship opportunities. As participants in the Field Experience Program, K-Interns receive all of the following benefits: 

Benefits of K-Internships

There are many benefits to participating in a K-Internship, including:

  • Stipend to help with expenses
  • Official Transcript Notation upon completion
  • Mentor relationship with Kalamazoo College alumni professionals

Requirements of K-Internships

As a K-Intern, a student must:

  • Be a current first-year, sophomore, or junior, when applying.
  • Participate in the Field Experience Program and successfully complete all program requirements:
    • Learning Contract—Must be completed with your internship supervisor in order to mutually establish goals for your skill development, learning, and contribution to the organization during your internship.
    • Online Orientation—Must be completed by Friday, June 6, 2014.
    • Reflective Responses—Three assignments that must be submitted throughout your internship for review by a CCPD staff member.
      • Allow the use of your internship writing assignment(s) as CCPD resources for future interns and/or promotional pieces. We reserve the right to use your name.
    • Final Field Experience Program Evaluation—Submitted at the conclusion of your internship.