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Résumés, Cover Letters, and Curriculum Vitaes

Download CCPD's "Getting Started on Your Résumé" (2 MB PDF Document)

Download CCPD Cover Letter Guide (460 KB PDF Document)


Résumés are often the first glimpse an employer has into who you are and if you are qualified for a particular position or industry. Once you have created your first draft, which should concentrate on content, bring your résumé to the CCPD. Staff will provide feedback to make sure you are highlighting your skills and abilities in the best way possible.

Cover Letters

Cover letters accompany résumés when applying for employment. A well-written cover letter will entice the reader to reference your résumé and provide them with a prime writing sample.

Once you have created your first draft, bring your cover letter to the CCPD. Staff will provide feedback to make sure you are articulating your skills and abilities in such a way that the reader can not help but look at your résumé. 

Curriculum Vitae

In the United States and Canada, curriculum vitae (Latin for "the course of a life"), or "CV" in common parlance, refers to a document that describes an academic's educational background and professional experience. It is often thought of as something like an academic's résumé, with the important difference that the CV is typically comprehensive (and therefore long) and a résumé is selective (and short). A copy of your CV will frequently be requested when applying for academic jobs, grants, or conferences." For more information, visit Natalie Houston's article in The Chronicle of Higher Education. For those studying sciences, this guide is also helpful.