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Religious and Spiritual Life

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Apply to Be an Interfaith Student Leader!

Interested in helping plan, implement and design programs for Religious and Spiritual Life?   Each year, ORSL hires interns and committee chairs to staff our many programs and to develop new ones.  Apply to become part of our either or volunteer or paid staff.


The Kalamazoo College Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSL) is a multi-faith religious and spiritual gathering place.  We understand that the spiritual journey is both personal and takes place in community.  Our motto is "Deepen Your Roots" and everyone is invited to dig more deeply into what it means to live a life of integrity and importance.   Students are also invited to engage with one another, crossing traditional boundaries, in respectful and meaningful ways that encourage critical thinking and an integration of theory and experiences through reflection.

We have programs for students continuing in their religious tradition as well as for students exploring religion & spirituality for the first time.


Photo: Tony Dugal